Why A Student Should Learn New Skills?

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If you are a student just thinking about your future, but not able to understand what should you do, and is your passion the right kind to work on developing your skills?

Here is your answer: The main problem with our INDIAN society is that we think much of academics rather than thinking about the skills which can help you get a career or achieve great in your passion, recently we have seen many of the students have started learning and improving their skills, and by surprise can see some students have started their own startup, now some of the students already have planned and also they have good guiders around them, but some of them have a plan but not able to understand how and from where to start. Here in INDIA Tech Learn we are assuring you that we will be helping you to understand your passion as well as learn what you love, our motto is that every student who wants to learn new things and have some aim with them, we become a partner in discovery. We can see young generation from the age of 15-25 are more towards social media and also many of them wanted to start their career as an influencer, but the problem is that few of them have made successful themselves in this stream and the reason is that they have much better content as well as they have good marketing and social media influencing strategies, now the content which all have built did not be unique one it may be copied in initial times but some creativity in it and also social media content always require your presences in terms of the experiences which you have in your life, it might be funny, serious, informative, etc, we all need to understand that getting views and increase in the subscription does not happen overnight, it takes time for some in 5 months and for others, it might take 2 years, it’s about how you evolve day by day and how your audience reacts to your evolved content on all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Quora called Digital content. Now many of you have in building a startup or grow your own company which is handled by your father or by your grandfather, but the point is that how to bring your idea to reality is the most important thing, many of the entrepreneurs fail due to lack of practical thinking and this lead to failure in a startup. Now here in INDIA Tech Learn we are helping you to learn as well as understand how practical is your thinking and how you can bring your thinking to reality.

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Time Management

The most important thing to start anything is time management in the above blog we have understood how and when to start but the most important thing is how to work on our passion and improve our skills and parallelly coup up with studies, for this you have to make a time table where you complete you studies on a time and also start working towards your career achievements.

Nowadays interviews are available easily on social media platfroms and when you notice what an interviewer expects is that a candidate should have basic knowledge regarding the topic which he/she is confident, but it doesn’t seem like with students answer interviews are happy or satisfied and this lead to rejection of candidates. At degree level many of us do projects but the standard of the project and the level of study went into is the level of a 10th class, what it shows is the knowledge and also the concepts which a candidate comes out from a college and its very bitter. If these skills are not developed or nourished this will lead to long-term unemployment and many of us don’t want this to happen to us.

What’s the solution?

The solution of not getting embarrassed in front of an interviewer is to learn a new skill or learn what you want, enroll in a course by doing some research and make sure you enroll and get practical knowledge, which can help you get confident in front of the interview process and also have answers and projects to show to them. Now, remember that only getting certificates or just working blindly for certificates does not make you a skilled candidate, and when you don’t answer in front of the interviewer it gives a bad impression, and they’re always a doubt regarding your courses. Now courses don’t mean you only gain theoretical knowledge writing notes, courses are done so that you get practical and real-time experiences.

About INDIA Tech Learn how we are help you to achive your passion?

Here at INDIA Tech Learn we have a simple and practical approach regarding how you choose your passion and convert it into a career, we first have a council with the students and then we understand the thinking process and this all is done by our experienced young mentors. After this, we help you to join courses that suit your personality and your passion. Here you undergo a 1 month of practical workshop and at the end, you are again counseled as many of the students realize that the career which they opt for is right or it suits your skillset, we then have a process where we take interview of the students and then select for our internship program.

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