How Can A Professional Employee Change Their Career?

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There’s always a question regarding an employee working in a company who can change their stream after getting placed?

Here’s the answer: Yes, you can change your stram while working in a company, we can see many of us are not satisfied with our work what we are doing, and there is an always taught of leaving the work but practically it’s not possible as earning can not be left and also for many parents depend on you so what now?, so for this, we need to understand regarding time management, there are many books available regarding this in market explaining regarding how you should manage your time in each level of your time, but here I will share you about real-time experience how people deal with this, so in many big companies employees are not happy with there job and with the culture, so what they do is parallelly they work for an example “X” works from 9 am-5 pm from Monday to Saturday and sometimes work extends to 7 to 8 pm, in this hectic work hours what he/she does is she dedicates the only 1hr in learning from any platform or they enroll for a course where they get live sessions and they have a particular time table set for each topic and here in INDIA Tech Learn what we do is we conduct 2 live sessions at night and also we provide time to complete assignments. So this way they complete the skill-developing part with practical knowledge after this they start applying for the interviews and they switch their jobs. We not only see employee just developing their skills but also working as an entrepreneur who wants to strat a company which benefits the society. The change of stream does not mean you doing just to skip the challenges, you change your career as you passionate about it, you have some long stream vision for the future and also you see some end product coming out with your hard work and dedication of time towards it. We always want a quick solution or results to happen but in reality, it does not happen for everyone it takes time, and also the most important thing is being patient in your process as you learning or building new method mistakes happen and we need to analyze and make sure it does not repeat again. Working on end results also doesn’t make much sense but it always helps you to be motivated for your goal and also be focused on your target.

Why Many Of Them Get Demotivated?

We have observed that many of the employees are irregular or have no perfect time table (I might sound uncool) but discipline plays an important role as again helps you to be on track and there is an always human tendency with practicing or without revising things we forget and the disinterest starts building and we lose all hopes and we blame on the courses or on our personal abilities. There are also very important aspects to understand that for example “X” is interested in doing Social Media Content on all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. At initial he/she has an idea regarding how to make content but after some time the content gets over or the ideas what you had were getting fade out, this way you lose interest in making content and the future seems to be blank, and the point needs to understand is we need to evolve and also need to be trendy with the situation and also with the technology.

So we have come up with a solution, that we give an enrolled mentee lifelong access which helps them to use the live sessions and also we connect you with our mentors, so that in future if anyone has doubts can connect with them anytime. We have also come up with solutions where an employee can use his/her experiences and learn some of the advanced parts of your career which are related and makes sure you have a set of skills that helps you to grow in your career and also in your management. So for example, ‘X’ person is in sales and not liking the job or profession he/she is doing, but the experiences what they have got help them to learn digital marketing so that they can make sure they complete the cycle of marketing by generating leads or target what the companies want and also handles sales but not that much when compared to past. For Digital Marketer, we help them to understand Graphic designing by which they add a new skill of making posters and handling social media platforms. And also we have mentors who are working in a company as well as they come on our platform and guide you, so these people will be the best people to help you regarding time management and also regarding changing of careers as they already have gone through the process and have a real-time idea of porns and corns of the situation and to be frank some of us might start from the scratch like joining an internship and then clearing to get a job, so it’s kind of risky but worth of doing but needs belive and also attention on the work.

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