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Content writing is one of the most demanding profession, content writing is the process of writing your views or writing something related to information, and this a great medium where to connect to the audience and many of the companies are looking as they need someone who can write about there product as well as you can use for the personal thing. Digital Marketing plays an important role in content writing because it helps to optimize the content on google and also helps in ranking your writing. As per TOI, the average salary of a content writer is around 30,000 per/month.

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A beginner's guide to setting up blogs

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Content Promotion Strategies and How to Monetise your Blog

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Developing a Network and relationships in the Blogging Community

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Developing a Network and relationships in the Blogging Community

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Develop quality content creation skills


Career opportunity in Content Writing

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Here you will be learning about different types of blogs present and how you can earn and write for a company

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Content Writing + Digital Marketing

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